Working with Gettysburg Site and Civil Engineers

The successful design and construction of a new building, or even perhaps the expansion of an old one, is a team effort. And no design and construction team is complete without the input of site and civil engineers. That is why we commission Gettysburg’s finest site engineers and civil engineers.

Why Site and Civil Engineers are Essential to a Successful Development

There is no shortage of problems and obstacles developers face when it’s time to turn their dream into a standing structure. To put the minds of our clients at ease, we enlist the top site and civil engineers Gettysburg has to offer. Their expertise helps us create cost-effective designs that are both beautiful and easy on the environment.

Site and civil engineers plan, design and oversee the construction of building structures and the surrounding area’s infrastructure. We work with site and civil engineers to provide clients with:

  • Land development plans
  • Property surveys
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits
  • Soil erosion and sediment control plans
  • Storm water management plans
  • Subdivision and Land Development ordinances
  • Planning and zoning submissions
  • Topographic survey projects
  • ADA Compliance

Architectural Workshop Inc has been able to deliver creative, cost-effective and ecologically-friendly designs that have transformed communities all over Gettysburg. However, none of it could have been possible if it hadn’t been for partnering with top site and civil engineers. Without the practical and scientific expertise of these engineers, our designs would be nothing but drawings. With their help, we have turned our designs into safe realities.

The Difference Between Site Engineers and Civil Engineers

Though the site and civil engineering disciplines are often lumped together, there are important differences that distinguish these two specialties. For clarity of what either will do for you and your design, we have outlined the differences below.

What a Gettysburg Civil Engineer Will Do for You and Your Design

Civil engineers have the gigantic task of learning building codes, examining load-bearing structures, and performing statistical analysis, all while keeping it under budget. They also must identify the different techniques used during the construction process. Whether they are working on roads, buildings or dams, civil engineers oversee the design and planning of construction to ensure the design complies with all state, federal and local building codes.

What a Gettysburg Site Engineer Will Do for You and Your Design

Site engineers, as the name suggests, deal with the on-site management of infrastructure. They are more hands-on than their civil counterparts. Site engineering is a specialization obtained after the completion of a civil engineering program. When we enlist site engineers’ expertise, they are responsible for construction materials, design fundamentals, construction project management and construction planning. They are the ones overseeing the development, ensuring the civil engineer’s plans are being followed by the contractors. They are also tasked with inspecting every inch of the construction site so that all aspects of the structure are up to code.