Hanover Structural Engineering Services

Imagine if you will, that your building is a body. Structural engineers are the ones responsible for designing and maintaining the skeleton of that body. Structural engineers are tasked with ensuring that whatever we are building together is strong enough to withstand all the stresses and strains life can throw at it. They are the gatekeepers of public safety in the architecture and design world.

Architectural Workshop Inc works with the best structural engineers in and around Hanover to guarantee all designs are safe. We only employ those who have displayed creative problem-solving prowess to provide and develop innovative solutions to allow construction to begin safely and eventually stand proud.

The Importance of Structural Engineering Services in Developments

The Hanover structural engineers we work with analyze, compute and consider all possible stresses of your building. Internal gross forces like bending and twisting as well as strain and reactions by loads, changes in temperature are just a handful of the vital tasks our structural engineers work to avoid. Plus, they are an integral part in selecting and proportioning materials to adequately produce the design.

We work with engineers that specialize in both elastic design and strength design. By employing our structural engineering services, your building will not bend or buckle in the face of heavy strains or loads. It will stand tall and will be optimized for success.

Structural Design for a Safer Hanover

We collaborate with structural engineers from the initial drafting process to ensure all designs are sound. Their analysis enables our firm to produce a structure capable of resisting all loads applied. A well-engineered structure minimizes the possibility of costly failures in the future.

Designing Buildings with Structural Engineers

There are three main phases to the process. They are:


The planning phase involves careful consideration of the requirements and factors affecting the layout and dimensions of the construction project. As a result, the structural engineers we work with will choose the best general solution to accommodate a client’s desires, as well as several alternatives. We always begin by taking the structure’s primary function into consideration. Aesthetics, sociology, law, economics and the environment will also be considered in this early phase. Structural limitations will also be considered, which could potentially affect the design.


When we begin the design phase, they take into careful consideration alternative solutions to any problems identified in the planning phase. Here the engineers detail the best proportions and dimensions of structural elements that ensure the building’s stability. Alternatives are carefully weighed to ensure efficiency in the next phase.


Once planning and design are complete, our structural engineers assist in the mobilization of personnel, the procurement of materials and equipment and aid in facilitating the actual on-site construction. During this phase, it is possible to encounter unforeseen difficulties, which is why we have our team ready to apply their creative problem-solving expertise to resolve any problems that may arise once construction is underway.