Hanover ADA Compliance Consultants

The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a very important piece of legislature to consider for all public spaces. This Act is responsible for many forms of protection that encompass employment, public access, public transportation, accommodations, telecommunications and more for those with disabilities.

For architects and contractors, the Act requires that all buildings are constructed to allow accessibility to those with impaired mobility or other needs. This means that there is an extra planning procedure when drafting the blueprints for an architectural project. Architecture Workshop Inc. has helped the contractors and building owners of Hanover perfectly adhere to these regulations since the ADA was put into effect. If you are looking for an architecture firm with ADA compliance and consultation expertise, look no further than Architecture Workshop Inc.

There is No Grandfathering of Older Buildings with the ADA

The process to make all public buildings ADA compliant has been a slow one. So slow in fact, that many building owners in Hanover believe that structures predating the ADA Law are “grandfathered” into, or exempt from, the legal procedures. There is no form of protection given to any commercial enterprise, public or private, regardless of when it was built.

What does this mean for you? If your property has not been renovated, then you will eventually face expensive legal consequences. Architecture Workshop Inc. provides ADA compliance services to make sure that you are prepared for the future.

Our team of architects, engineers, and inspectors will survey your property, inform you of what needs to be done for ADA compliance, and create a plan of action.

The Danger of Not Considering ADA Law

ADA is often not enforced by local building departments and that is why deficiencies are frequently found in not just older buildings but new ones as well. If the structure is not ADA compliant, the consequences usually come in the form of a law suit. This can be both expensive as well as have a negative effect on the reputation of your business.

ADA Requirements

Here is a short list of where changes are most often required in Hanover buildings under ADA law.

Entrances and access to different floors – an individual who moves around by wheelchair will require ramps to enter and exit a building and some method to ascend and descend different floors. Is this possible on your property?

Parking spaces – does your parking lot have a designated area for special needs vehicles?

Restrooms – are there stalls that are large enough for individuals with wheelchairs to turn around? Is there adequate railing? Are sinks and other sanitation amenities low enough for easy access?

Signage- do signs for washrooms and other areas have braille for those with impaired vision?

Emergency situations – in the event of a fire or other hazard are the emergency exits accessible to all? Can the fire alarm be reached?

These are just a few of the things that Architecture Workshop Inc can inspect for you.

Contact us for ADA Compliance Consultation

If you are wondering if your Hanover property meets ADA requirements or would like a professional service to provide recommendations for the most efficient and cost effective methods to make changes, then contact Architecture Workshop Inc. We will provide you with thorough documentation that is easy to understand and legally admissible.